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Since 2008 VX SPORT® has been trusted globally to provide the best value pro-grade monitoring solution to coaches & sports-science staff. 

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VX SPORT® - Better Data Everywhere

VX SPORT consistently offers the best value alternative in the professional-grade GPS athlete-monitoring space.

You'll no doubt see many "GPS" or "player monitoring" solutions in the course of your investigations into the 'best' system. Many are driven by price & many are driven by claims that are misleading at best.

Do you want a solution that's

  • reliable?
  • convenient?
  • professional-grade?
  • great value?

Why invest in VX SPORT®?

Video & view from the coaches viewpoint will always show the 'what, who and how' aspects of a game. VX SPORT® however provides you with more insight into 'why, how much, how often and when' questions that prevail.

All sports have evolved to a point where game-tactics are critical & a key aspect - but without proper management & optimisation of the player preparation then the coach/manager cannot guarantee that he/she will have the best players in the best condition to face game demands - your VX Insights will ultimately give you a strong strategic advantage.

What does VX SPORT® offers you?

The VX SPORT® innovation pipeline, inspired by the demands of our clients, means that we have a range of solutions that offer you

  • VX-LIVE® an unmatched real-time analysis for outdoor & indoor sports. 
  • VX LiveStream® allows you to view live data on multiple devices in multiple locations!
  • Integration with third-party softwares e.g. Smartabase, SportsCode, Athlete Monitoring
  • A Training-Load companion software to allow you to set, weight and benchmarks the metrics that you feel constitute training-load within your program. Sound better than a 'secret sauce' algorithm?
  • Heart-rate monitoring without heart-rate straps! The VX SmartVest means that you can enjoy the most reliable HR insights without the need for cumbersome HR straps.
  • VX OMNI™ Indoor monitoring -  our range offers the most portable, comprehensive & affordable indoor monitoring solution for basketball, handball, netball, volleyball & other court sports

How will VX SPORT® support you?

In short we'll work with you to create a solution that delivers on needs at multiple levels. With 20+ years working with teams in management, coaching, S&C and sports science roles I understand implicitly that the solution needs to feel right and present a great fit and great value. VX SPORT® is not an off-the-shelf system - we listen to each individual client & customise a solution to fit.

Along with a great solution comes great support - a 3-year hardware warranty & 12-year track record of working at levels/grades (from the All-Blacks® to school teams) offers peace-of-mind. Allied with ongoing education/tuition available we'll work with you to ensure you've made a solid investment.

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