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CONNECT Coaching
The difference that makes the difference


WHY CONNECT Coaching???

Do you need more information - or do you need useful & actionable insights to help be every day better?

Are you a business who wants to improve

  • the people-coaching capacities within your management/leadership?
  • The sales & selling capabilities of your people?
  • The effectiveness and efficiencies of your operations?

Or a sports team/club looking towards

  • Improving coaching capabilities?
  • Introducing & integrating S&C and/or sports science?
  • Being more efficient & effective by having your support staff come closer together as a performance-team?

With a combined 25+ years in sports performance (at all levels/grades/age-groups), corporate business development, sales, entrepreneurship and start-ups Paul Clarke understands that the challenges against better daily performance are many. 

Like that, there are many ‘solutions’ - but are these 'solutions' the best fit for you? Or cookie-cutter approaches with well crafted sales pitches?

Neither improved business or sports performance can be reduced or minimised into neatly packaged programs that will work because, well, you spent your money and you want them to work.

With CONNECT progress is at a deliberately steady pace. Your daily efforts & focus compound over time not only to the results you want but also a sustainable culture of winning performance where your people feel BIG (Belong; Involved; Growing). 

So, do you

  • Want to invest your time or spend it?? 
  • Be empowered or taught??
  • Want to see more efficient and effective people and processes??
  • Need to see your people grow to feel like they belong, are involved and that they feel tangible personal growth??

These answers show us if we’ll be a great fit and work well together - we're looking to CONNECT only with businesses and sports-teams/clubs who are invested in making the change(s) needed to influence improved performance. 

Paul commits to working in the specific context of your environment; with and alongside you rather than offering scripted, clichéd off-the-shelf programs.

If CONNECT feels like the right 'fit' why waste time thinking & debating any more - live and lead with your gut feel!



Being ready is paramount in sport and business. In sports teams spend 95% of their time training/preparing and 5% playing; very often it's the other way around in business. But there's no point in running fast in the wrong direction. You've got to know how to prepare, what to focus on and how to bring it to life.

CONNECT works with individuals, teams and team-units to gear towards creating a safe learning-space where your people understand the nuances of their performance whilst engaging in purposeful practice towards developing the changes and the vital decision-making skills that ultimately define success. 

Kildare GAA


The best prepared people are ready - they are ready for the ‘worst-case scenario’ and have the preparation levels to allow them thrive in demanding environments. 

CONNECT helps you uncover these demands. We'll meet you & your people where you are now so that individual/team programs can be customised in the most context-specific manner possible.

Your performance is merely the manifestation of your preparations, mindset and attitudes - you can now make sure that your preparations leave no room for doubt. 

CONNECT with change….alone but not on your own. Will you be both the director and star of you own movie?? Or just an extra with a bit-part??



Being prepared means starting your day knowing that you have done everything you could possibly have done to prepare for success - people who work with CONNECT understand that every day has to be ‘won’.

Every minute of preparation counts - the ultimate success of working with CONNECT is becoming the kind of person and/or team who can achieve what they thought was just for the 'special' others.

When you know you are ready the work ahead is just fun!

Culture is simply the agreed, acceptable and evolving behaviours and attitudinal norms to support the progress that you've set your sights on.

CONNECT with a culture of Performance - There is no better way for everyone to feel BIG (a sense of Belonging, Involvement and Growth)

Business Leaders/Head Coaches satisfied with present results


CONNECT Clients seeing performance & results improvement



There is no better feeling any of us can have starting into your day knowing “I Am Ready”.

Being “Ready" although simple is not an easy process. You need to be guided by trusted and proven methods that have delivered success for businesses, athletes, players and teams for many years.

The most effective way to get you ready for performance is to break your performance into its constituent parts so that we can your strengths to build on and areas for development. By creating a focused action plan that is in line with your commitments, outcomes and timelines you are introduced to professional-grade coaching and assistance towards delivering progressive outcomes in a manner that will sustain ongoing gains. 

For example,

  • In the sports performance space our clients consistently illustrate that our methods and programs support players and athletes through (i) becoming more robust to injury than reported injury norm data (ii) integrating support functions like coaching, sports science, S&C to have a more effective collective (iii) working with coaches to improve their coaching skills to ensure more effective 'horizontal' rather than traditional 'vertical' relationships


  • Our business clients value that we look on their project as a blank canvas that we can paint together. They see our approach being people-centric; sustainable results can only be achieved by a business where the people within feel BIG (I Belong; I'm Involved; I'm Growing) - of course improving  knowledge, skills and process are important - but primarily we listen to, understand and show empathy with/for you and your people so that we can gradually build a BIG culture to be proud of where every day is better.

Winning Performance = I Am Ready


Royal Daring Hockey Club

New coach for 2017/18 John Bessell and his physical performance coach Eric Dehaeseeler engaged with Paul to integrate sports-science into their coaching practices.

We Listen -
You Perform


St. Oliver Plunketts GFC

Having been beaten in the championship first round in 2013 the Match-Fit approach was a vital component in the club reaching the Dublin SFC final in 2014 (losing by only one point to All-Ireland champions St.Vincents).


Our clients are people just like you - they want to be better every day.

A fantastic and knowledgeable coach, Paul is one of the most motivated people I've come across. Paul is enormously knowledgeable and well-spoken, hugely generous with his time and always makes himself available to all of us who seek his guidance.

Having worked closely with Paul over a number of years to assist in the implementation of a Long Term Development Program/Pathway for elite youth footballers and hurlers I seen first-hand that he provided expertise, knowledge and vision for the design and implementation of the programme. On a personal level it was a great experience to work alongside Paul given his knowledge and expertise in such a large number of areas.

Martin Doyle - Foróige (Ireland)

“I first met Paul almost 10 years ago. What struck me about Paul was his passion, motivation and desire to want to share and progress knowledge not just in the practicalities of conditioning athletes but also the underlying drivers of human performance. I have seen a continual development In the excellent services he provides to the sports-teams and businesses he works with. Paul has an outstanding skill-set making him a real asset to anyone looking to perform better.”

Greg Muller; CEO ‘Lead the Pack, Former Head of S&C Galway GAA; Connacht Rugby and Auckland Blues Rugby.