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Data in sport – a bit more ‘why’ than ‘how’ and ‘what’?

  The lock-down of the past few weeks has given ample opportunity for sports coaches and performance professionals (at all levels/grades) to contribute to the social media space. A popular topic has been athlete-monitoring, the data within and discussion in terms of methods, approaches, motivations, processes etc. A phrase that jumped out at one stage…
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What can a coach learn from US Congress??

US Congress on Capitol Hill is probably an unlikely place for coaches to pick up hints and pointers towards better personal performance. I’ve noticed however that allegedly smart and well-educated members of the Senate that are engaging with Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook are displaying a lack of skill in one area vital to the success…
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Every Session Better – Reflecting & Revising

You may have already viewed the video available at this link https://www.useloom.com/share/7a8d13d9a0bf439389a68d581dce9c70 where I talk about presenting at a recent coaching conference and the conversations that followed. My own hour-long presentation really focused on the ‘what’ and content of a session but the questions asked by many coaches focused on ‘how’ to host better sessions.…
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Getting the most from GPS Monitoring (Part 4)

Our three articles so far have meandered on the topic of player/athlete monitoring with GPS technology. Let’s have a look now at our motivations and actions around data collection – some of my own learnings and those of experienced practitioners in GAA, rugby, football, hockey, lacrosse and basketball. When assessing data and creating insights be…
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Getting the most from GPS Monitoring (Part 3)

We’ve recently been looking at some learnings – both my own over many years and from other coaches & performance staff – with a focus on the detail of getting the very maximum value from your investment in GPS monitoring for your team/club. With many clubs entering into this space it’s vital that staff at…
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Getting the most from GPS monitoring (Part II)

Yesterday we started to look at recommended ways for getting the most from your investment in GPS equipment such as VX SPORT. It is massively important to know “Why” you are investing as well as “What” you will do and “How” you’ll go about it – more often than not the “Why” is the most…
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Stephen Bray

GAA All-Star

I first worked with Paul in 2007 when he was part of the Meath Senior management. We reached the All Ireland Semi-Final and he was very important in physically preparing the team.

Since then Paul has been a huge support with the many injuries I have had, advising on rehab exercises, prehab exercises and one to one strength and conditioning sessions

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