AnaMo Prometrics

Over sixteen years experience in coaching & performance is helping drive the success of tech start-up Anamo Prometrics

AnaMo Prometrics

As a Director with Anamo Prometrics Ltd Paul consults on various projects and initiatives within the Anamo Prometrics business related to the launch of their eagerly awaited AnamoLIVE product. AnamoLIVE serves to offer instant screening and feedback on the movement and mobility competency on the subject being screened via a unique non-invasive modality. Until now movement screening has been subjective in nature as well as being time-consuming and out of the budgetary reach of many clinicians and sports coaches owing to the expense and expertise required. AnamoLIVE can now deliver fast, objective quantitative and qualitative insights into movement and mobility quality ensuring that clinicians can use objective data on which to base and assess corrective and rehab interventions and S&C coaches can regularly assess the improvement or regression of mobility/movement competency across a range of accepted parameters. You can see some more about AnamoLIVE here


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