Louth GAA Coaching Conference 2018

Paul shared his insights and philosophy regarding the most appropriate approach to Conditioning for GAA coaches

Louth GAA Coaching Conference 2018

With over 250 coaches present the Louth GAA 2018 Coaching Conference was the platform for Paul Clarke to share his philosophies, insights and experiences on the topic of “Conditioning for GAA”.

Over the course Paul’s session he detailed, in both practical and seminar sessions, just how he has had a high-degree of success across many age-grades with a preparation philosophy grounded in the context of a player-centred, coach-driven approach.

With a theme of the “game being your guide” Paul illustrated how sports science, S&C and coaching can be integrated to offer players the very best preparation towards being ready through the lens of the physical, skill, game-understanding and decision-making demands of football.


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