Navan Rugby Club

Navan RFC united coaching expertise & VX SPORT™ to drive better performance

Navan Rugby Club

Coach Alan Kingsley and his coaching staff at Navan Rugby Club wanted to match their own applied knowledge of sports performance and their video analysis work with a firm insight into the performance load of the team, individual groups and individual players. Having monitored a series of training sessions along with a run of competitive matches we established the training loads required as per the demands of the match. The coaches also got insight into certain habits and trends in performance levels throughout competitive matches and were able to implement measures to both highlight these trends and to address any areas of concern. Importantly the Ready To Perform™ approach leveraging the power of VX SPORT™ was used to highlight positive trends and performance more-so than areas of perceived weakness. The resulting deeper level of understanding of performance benefited the coaching staff and players through offering them a ‘why’ to complement the ‘what’ and ‘how’ evident from video analysis. In the final play of the final match of the 2017/18 season Navan RFC scored the vital points to win promotion in their promotion play-off vs Rainey Old Boys RFC.


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