Getting the most from GPS monitoring (Part II)

Yesterday we started to look at recommended ways for getting the most from your investment in GPS equipment such as VX SPORT. It is massively important to know “Why” you are investing as well as “What” you will do and “How” you’ll go about it – more often than not the “Why” is the most important piece of the jigsaw……the investment simply has to be meeting felt and shared needs within the club as a whole or else we are backing to buying ‘toys for the boys’, so to speak.

So how are the coaches & performance staff who are getting the most from their investment going about it?? Let’s tune into what they are saying…….

  • Take the time to understand performance in a number of contexts – the difference between competitions, the effect of seasons, the effect of pitch surface, opposition, motivations etc all need to be brought into the conversation – no performance or training session exists in isolation.
  • All we are looking for is the ability to support better decisions – the Why behind doing more, doing less or doing nothing.
  • If your decision making is not more agile and objective as a result of monitoring you probably need to revisit your processes…..not your tools.
  • Why do you want to monitor?? Is it because the opposition are doing it?? Or have you developed performance priorities that can only be supported by a robust monitoring program?
  • Remember data = responsibility. it will give clarity towards the right answers….not towards infighting and blame. Identify the things you can change proactively with the expertise within your wider performance team.
  • We need to be big boys and girls….technology and monitoring is not going away soon….integrated maturely into a program means it does not diminish your role, status or expertise… fact it will help confirm the intuition and gut feel of the experienced coach. It will also help legitimise your approach and program and allow you an enhanced skill-set to share approaches/programs that you have proven work for players/teams.
  • When you understand performance demands in a variety of settings, context and backdrops then you can more accurately reverse engineer towards smarter preparations

More to come tomorrow!! In the meantime feel free to call me at +353 86 8595155 or email to to share how coaches and teams just like you have benefitted (in performance and commercially) from working with Match-Fit

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