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As player/athlete monitoring becomes more popular and “must-do” it’s worth bearing in mind that the quantity/quality conversation needs to happen. Seth Godin’s latest blog post is a timely reminder to everyone involved in analysis and monitoring on a daily basis that we need to do the “heavy-lifting” of identifying what is significant in terms of what we want to measure….if effect what are the “big-rocks” and key indicators for your team/players. It’s time well spent….the alternative is to try to measure everything – including a lot of the meaningless noise leading to assumptions. Players & athletes deserve better.

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Paul Clarke

Since 2002 Paul has developed a reputation for expertise in the vital performance-related areas of coaching, S&C, sports science and performance analysis. Teams, clubs, organisations, coaches and players from Ireland, UK, Europe and beyond have benefitted from the insights offered by the Match-Fit business as a result of the tailored and customised approach taken to creating a performance solution specific to each client. Through keeping performance and the player at the heart of all solutions, Match-Fit clients have realised that the solutions delivered not only benefit competitive performance but also the club/organisation as a complete sporting business entity.

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